Common Unit

As part of our conversion, we transformed one of the original 7 apartments into a ‘common area unit’ that can be used by all residents. The unit has a kitchen, dining area, living room and bathroom. It has excellent southern exposure and direct views into our central courtyard. So far, we have been using the unit for:

  • A big screen TV to watch movies, so we don’t need our own TV’s
  • Comfortable couches for lounging and reading
  • A lending/resource library of hiking books and board games
  • A kitchen and plenty of dishes for hosting larger social events
  • A futon/bed that functions as a lovely ‘crash pad’ for overnight guests
  • Reading our (shared) daily newspaper and other periodicals
  • Birthday parties!
  • Hosting our DSL internet and wireless hubs
  • Mommy’s groups

Over time, I’m sure that uses for the common unit will expand and evolve. We’ll keep you posted! But for now, here are a few photos of our common unit interior: