Welcome to Peninsula Park Commons!

We are a small co-housing community in North Portland founded in 2004. We are 9 households of mostly small families who  share a vision and values for community living, garden and courtyard common spaces, and several indoor common spaces.

Our website includes lots of information for those interested in learning about our community and about any available openings.  Because we are small, we do not give regular community tours, nor do we give tours on request. The best way to to learn about us is to stop by on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon. There is a good chance one or more of us will be around working in the garden or lounging in the courtyard. In most cases, one of us will be able to tell you about our community and maybe even give you a brief tour.

If you are in the process of buying or renting unit please read about joining our community to learn about the benefits and responsibilities of living in co-housing at Peninsula Park Commons.

Thanks for your interest!

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